Product Features

A great way to preserve and protect moist and dry delicate foods. With "Use by day" Date indicator, it is adjustable and simple to use.


1.4L (Medium) - 235 x 155 x 90mm
3.0L (Large) - 300 x 184 x 120mm
4.5L (Extra-Large) - 300 x 185 x 160mm
Vacuum Pump
Reminder: VFS is vulnerable to certain solvents and chemicals such as OIL and GREASE. With this, it's advisable to use cling wrap or plastic wrap on the surface of the VFS before storing foods in it.


  1. KEEP FRESHNESS AND TASTE - Soups that would usually last 4 to 6 days can now be kept in vacuum canisters to 4 to 5 weeks. The adjustable day / date indicator is a clever system which allows you to set the use-by-date to remind you when is the best time to consume your soup.
  2. SAVES TIME AND MONEY - MARINATE MEAT - Flavoring Meats with your favorite marinade is done in a fraction of a time. The vacuum process opens the pores and fibers in the meat which allows marinades and seasonings to be drawn in faster.
  3. HYGIENIC - VFS are non-staining, silicon sealed, microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe.
  4. QUALITY - Designed in Germany, VFS allows you to seal a container in seconds. To open, you simply release the vacuum inside the canister by gently lifting the one-way silicon valve. Take out what you need and put the lid back on and vacuum seal the canister again.
  5. EASY STORAGE - Stock able.