Product Features

Unique construction assures even heat distribution over entire surface of utensils. A tubular-type heating element is suspended in heat transfer oil, permanently sealed in stainless steel. Oil is jelled form when is cold; as it heats, oil liquifies, circulates and provides "Balanced" heat.

Hard Polished Stainless Steel resists pitting, cracking and chipping
Completely immersible in water
Its New Digital Thermostat Control allows you to cook automatically


  • T316 18/10 Surgical Stainless Steel
  • 220V - 240V
  • 50Hz - 60Hz
  • 850W
  • Also Available at 110V
It's the perfect size for small family use and makes a beautiful addition to any table setting.


  1. VERSATILE - Kalan, Kawali, Kaldero, Oven (K-K-K-O) at the same time.
  2. ELEGANT DESIGN - Mirror Finish outside and Satin Finish inside. Ideal for small family use.
  3. HYGIENIC - Handles are made of NutriTECH Bakelite material that can stand heat up to 180°C. Welded outside but do not go through inside - no place for bacteria to stay (Like a floor corner of a hospital operating room).
  4. SAVES MONEY AND TIME - The Oil Skillet also stores heat from the kitchen to your table, even after the skillet is unplugged.
  5. HEALTHY COOKING - Less water, oil or sauces in cooking thus preserves the nutrients of the food. It's taller and good for shabu-shabu and other elegant food presentation.
  6. STABLE - Its Thermoplastic legs are safe for countertop, it will not slide on the smooth surface.
  7. DISHWASHER SAFE - Remove the Digital Thermostat Control. This can be easily washed in your sink or placed in the dishwasher. Water does not damage the heating element as it is sealed beneath the cooking surface, protected from moisture and corrosion.
  8. LATEST TECHNOLOGY - Its thersmostat control features a digital read out and touch-pad temperature and timer settings for precise monitoring and control of cooking temperature. This stylish and safe new technology also includes an over-temperature limit device to prevent dangerous overheating.