Product Features

Because of its Cold Zone Technology, you can fry different types of food all at the same time with the same oil without the transfer of taste. It's the ONLY Magic Cooker in the world which can be used either oil or in water.

Rectangular shape to accommodate long food items.
Metallic filter at the bottom of the heating element that filters small food particles.
High temperature seals out from the skin of the food which means NO OIL penetration to attain crispiness.
With New Exclusive Bakelite Handle.


  • 3.8 Liters / 1 Gallon oil Capacity
  • 0.8 to 1.0 kilo of fresh or frozen food
  • Made of T316 18/10 Surgical Stainless Steel
  • 220V - 240V
  • 50Hz - 60Hz
  • 1850W
  • Also Available at 110V


  1. VERSATILE - Can fry all different kinds of food even if mixed with salted fish using one oil without transfer of taste.
  2. UNIQUE - NO TRANSFER OF TASTE USING COLD ZONE TECHNOLOGY - During the frying process, small food particles are immediately settling down into the cold zone, instead of floating above to continue to burn which in effect causes the food transfer of taste. The Cold Zone will capture the food particles.
  3. SAVE MONEY AND TIME - Oil remains clear and can be used all over again for approximately 30 times of frying.
  4. HEALTHY COOKING - CRISPY AND GREASELESS FOOD - Using temperature control to 170°F - there is no penetration of oil into the food which in turn, the food becomes crispy and greaseless.
  5. SAFETY - Safety Thermostat to monitor overheating and avoid accident.
  6. HYGIENIC - Most of the parts including screws are made of surgical stainless steel.