Product Features

Cookware Bottom Brazing
Bakelite Short Handle
Bakelite Long Handle
Water Seal Technology
Whistling Vented Knob
Cookware Cover Induction Cooking Capability


2Qt Sauce Pan Starter with Whistling Vented Knob Cover
9 1/2 Frying Pan Starter with Whistling Vented Knob Cover
Junior Colander Set Starter with Whistling Vented Knob Cover & Jr. Dome Cover


  1. COOKWARE BOTTOM BRAZING - Surgical Stainless Steel on both inside and outside, with triple layer aluminum core for perfect heat conductivity.
  2. NUTRITECH EXCLUSIVE BAKELITE HANDLES AND WHISTLING VENTED KNOB - The short and long handle is designed with special grip that allows it comfortably in your hand and makes it easy to hold. Handle stays cool while cooking and whistling vented knob to monitor the temperature while cooking.
  3. HEALTHY COOKING - Waterless / Greaseless cooking method reducing your cholesterol intake.
  4. DURABLE - Beautiful mirror bright exterior finish and inside satin polished.
  5. LATEST TECHNOLOGY - Induction cooking capability and its non-stick performance.