NutriTECH Alliance Corporation is the premier distributor of EXCLUSIVE Quality Home Living Premium products in the Philippines with a complete product line up that promotes healthy living. It is dedicated to increase the people’s awareness on their health and well-being while attending to their basic needs, i.e., Food, Water and Air.
NutriTECH is a two word composition: Nutrition and TECHnology. It promotes Good Nutrition through proper Food Preparation using the Latest, Up-To-Date and Innovative Technology where our products are made of. NutriTECH was conceptualized for over a two-year period since the year 2000. NutriTECH was registered formally in the year 2003.
As part of its commitment to an excellent service, NutriTECH Head Office is located at Suite 1901, The Centerpoint Building, Garnet Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig City. The company also owned a warehouse inventory located in the city of Pasig with lodging facilities for out-of-town NutriTECHians. We have a transport vehicle for delivery and sales assistance. NutriTECH now owns Showrooms and Buildings nationwide - Antipolo, Rizal; Mindoro; Cebu / Visayas; Davao / Mindanao and counting. FREE Team Building, Leadership Meeting and Family Getaway can also be held at Executive Wellspring Resort at Pansol, Calamba, Laguna and to Tagaytay Highlands Karlstate University Dining, Entertainment, Living and Learning ( TGHKU DELL ). First class venues to hold training for all, even the staff as well. Continues training with different and new modules to meet the needs of our business and also to enhance the skills of our people. NutriTECH also holds Regional Area Healthy Cooking (RAHC) weekly on Thursdays to Sundays to different Regional Areas. Up to this date, RAHC is growing and continues to promote NutriTECH business. All of these are greatly part of building a stronger NutriTECH family.
NutriTECH Shop Online is an endless effort to serve our NutriTECHians and customers better. NutriTECH Shop Online uses the easiest payment Credit Card Straight and Installment. Anytime, anywhere, here and abroad, with just using NutriTECHian Code and Password, it is very easy to Enter. Choose. Pay and Delivery. What's more exciting is that NutriTECH offers some extra perks with the sales and recruits submission online.
Our aim is to reach every Filipino home. As the market continues to change through time, NutriTECH grows alongside with its customers through more innovative and flexible exclusive products resulting from the company's intensive research and product development. It goes without saying that we will maintain NutriTECH affordability and quality. We are also improving and do our best to achieve NutriTECH customer service after sales. All the help and information will be processed on the proper department to answer and give feedbacks necessarily.
Today, NutriTECH continuously creates unlimited opportunities for everyone using a wide and stable system of Direct Selling Business. We offer different sales programs with privileges and benefits where it means progress and reward for every member. We find all the ways to make and change careers with NutriTECH.
Over 15 years in Business, NutriTECH is dynamic in its mission to promote Healthy Lifestyle. Headed by the dedicated and strong-willed President and CEO Joseph "JOS" G. Dela Luna, NutriTECH has improved the quality of life of its members. We have "eye-deas" on how to highlight every one's achievement in selling and in recruiting while focusing on medical and social longevity program outside the business. NutriTECH is giving EXTRA Allowances and Incentives on top of the Benefits that our NutriTECHians received. FREE Travel Lifestyle here and abroad every year to exciting destinations. These are only some of the many benefits our company is providing to its people.
What has never changed is NutriTECH's dedication to customer service and strong commitment to quality. As always, NutriTECH and its Sales Team are stepping up to the higher opportunity and better challenge.


Presently, we are the country’s leading Company in a Fine Home Living Premium Products industry. This is so because we are equipped with Dedicated and Efficient Sales Team, Executives, Managers and Staff as well as Dynamic System and Technology which enable us to continue providing our Customers with world-class Products and Excellent Services. As such, we expect continuous growth and to remain on top, not only today, but in the days ahead of us.


We will use commonly shared business ethics and values as a guide in attaining our goal for profit and excellence. These time-held values will serve as a constant reminder for all of us to be fair, just and honorable in all our dealings and business transactions.
We have faith in our products. We strongly believe in the capability of our products to be of great importance to the Filipino family’s health and well being. In which we will provide NutriTION while making use of the LATEST TECHNOLOGY.
We will conduct our business professionally. We will respect our business partners and hold our potential clients in high esteem. Every person will be regarded as a potential business partner who can propel the company forward.We will attain profitability through progress and teamwork. People working cooperatively as a team with a fixed goal in mind, accomplishes more than scattered individuals working independently in random. We will prosper, as we work and achieve expertise as we endeavor.
We will strive for excellence. We will work with only the best in mind. We will use the highest possible standard, as a gauge in doing business and use the latest in technological innovations to make work more efficient, economical and systematic.
By adopting this Mission Statement, we NutriTECH people will indeed ensure that NutriTECH is Forever!